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Power Hit Radio

Power Hit Radio

Radio ID : 16979
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Radio Detail

The power hit radio team releases the world’s most popular and listened to dance music into the air every day and introduces listeners to the most promising and talented creators of Lithuanian dance music. The Power Hit Radio program includes many shows, among which listeners are most fond of: “Jump in the Pants” with Elena Queen and Saulius Baniulis, “Power Hits” with Laurynas Matonis and Rokas Lukošaitis, “Power Afternoon” with Edgaras Kožuchovskis and Laura Ignatovičiūtė.

The Power Hit Radio team wants to be the best. One of the options for achieving this is to take advantage of the popularity of the radio station for good purposes. At work, we have fun, we want fun for our listeners too, but we understand that due to our popularity, we need to approach this business even more responsibly.

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