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Sveriges Radio P4 Västerbotten - Umeå

Sveriges Radio P4 Västerbotten - Umeå

Radio ID : 11385
Genre:Talk, Easy Listening
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Radio Detail

P4 Västerbotten is the fast and present local channel that is based on your and other Västerbotten residents’ everyday lives. Programs for the sister channels P1, P2 and P3 are also produced here. At Sveriges Radio Västerbotten, a large amount of radio is produced for four channels, P1, P2, P3 and P4. Community coverage, humor, music and cultural journalism are produced from the radio house in Umeå and from the local newsrooms in Skellefteå and Lycksele. The radio house in Umeå has employees from SR Finska who make radio in Finnish and from Sameradion. P4 Västerbotten wants to be your friend on the air, a friend who knows the situation but is also happy to listen to you. P4 is the entire Swedish channel. It is the fast and present local channel that is based on your everyday life. P4 is also a crisis and emergency preparedness channel that can constantly provide the public with important information. Matti Lilja Channel manager About P4 Västerbotten The basis of our journalism is credibility and impartiality. Swedish Radio is independent in relation to political, religious, economic, public and private special interests.

Email: Editors / tip phone: 090-17 17 70 Traffic & service: 020-999 444 | Postal address: P4 Västerbotten Swedish Radio, 906 15 UMEÅ | Visiting address: Mariehemsvägen 4, Umeå Sweden

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