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Fresh FM

Fresh FM

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At Fresh FM we provide our listeners with a daily look at the intersection of culture, commerce and artistry in Namibian cities. Our presence is felt. We keep it real. Our listeners are young, influential and going places. 

We’ve made it our mission to portray a true representation of our listeners’ individuality, depth, and diversity.

For us music is life and so is our community; their wellbeing as well as their career and business aspirations. We are a community partner, striving to link our listeners up with the hottest music, while giving them a voice for what matters most.

Fresh FM is the home urban listeners turn to for entertainment, inspiration and information.

Our music line up includes a diverse mix of international and home-grown R&B, Afro Pop, Melodic Hip Hop and Classic Soul. Together this mix creates our smooth Adult Urban Contemporary sound.

Our celebrity presenters are passionate, outspoken and connected to the pulse of the people.

Come to Fresh FM for the music. Stay for the originality and insight.

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