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Nova 103.5

Nova 103.5

Radio ID : 16959
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Radio Detail

NOVA 103.5 is a bilingual broadcaster renowned for its top notch taste in music. NOVA 103.5 is nostalgic and prides itself in playing only the biggest and the best songs of the last 50 years, which also happen to be all our listeners favourite songs.

Home of impressive talent and award winning content NOVA 103.5 is about making sure you’re informed and also in a good mood.

We’re honoured to be a part of your life, share in your day and remind you that music is the soundtrack of our lives.

More than just our epic playlist that will have you feeling good and fired up with fond memories, NOVA 103.5 is home to the best local and international stories, insights, news and sports updates.

Whether we’re connecting with the news makers, keeping you up to date by broadcasting from a local sporting event or inspiring you with stories of local cuisine, farming or business updates, you’ll find all you need in your friend NOVA 103.5

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