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Radio Wave

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At Radiowave we represent the trend setters, the fun and out there crowd, the people at the forefront of everything that is new. Quite simply put, Radiowave is a lifestyle.

Having been around since 1998, means we’ve learned a thing or two about broadcasting, and everything that goes with it. Plus, we have the accolades to back it up; over the years we’ve been awarded over 10 PMR Awards.

Our team is confident, passionate, and dynamic.

We’re here, ready to entertain you, and keep you up to date with everything local, and international, whether it’s sports news, entertainment news, current affairs, or events; all while bringing you the biggest hits the world of music has to offer. We’ve also been known to throw a really good party every now and again.

Radiowave is passionate about you, your interests, needs, and wants, and we wouldn’t be here without YOU.

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